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  Ultimative public health solutions  


We are going to help with comprehensive Products for public Health Safety to kickstart the world back to a normal Life

The past year 2020 shook the world. Covid19 has led to a grinding halt in social and economic activities. Events and travel were haltet, lockdowns imposed, small businesses shattered - all done to limit contamination and spread of the novel corona virus.

Now the world needs solutions to find a sustainable way back to social interaction, free movement and economic prosperity without the fears of microbiological treats.

We from
elio.care found a set of promiseable solutions. Watch our proposal:

SAFE•2•TOUCH ® dermatologic & gentle hand sanitation

Effective to germs , soft to body and skin.

Made in Denmark

Innovative disinfection transit cabin with POXIDATION ® technology

Fights germs, viruses, spores
microbiotics   novel CoronaVirus  

Research and development in Germany.
Patented technology. Made in Germany.

Innovative 4BAY UV-Sterilizer for large surface disinfection

disinfects up to 10000 m2 with effective  Ultraviolet-C  

Made in Germany.

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