Innovative disinfection transit cabin with POXIDATION ® technology

Ideal for all public facilities with a high flow of visitors

The world's first developed and patented walk-through cabin for the disinfection of people, animals and things from germs, viruses and spores. We have developed this special technology for disinfection in close cooperation with renowned researchers and scientists

POXIDATION ® transit cabin is a 4 meter long walk-through cabin for the decontamination of germs, viruses and spores.

4 simple and quick steps to contain germs, viruses and spores with the POXIDATION ® transit cabin:

1. Entrance to the cabin
The passer-by walks through the transit cabin using the railing as an orientation aid and at the same time disinfecting their hands.

2. Action process
The passer-by walks through a special antiseptic mist in which the antiseptic is applied / adheres to its surface.

3. Decontamination process
A special UV light exposes the applied antiseptic and kills germs, viruses and spores on the surface.

4. Closing process
At the end of the passage, the railing ends and signals to passers-by that the process is complete.

The entire process only takes about 8 seconds. The entire antiseptic and irradiation process is harmless to humans and animals due to its concentration and time

Where can the POXIDATION ® transit cabin be used?


Airports, Train stations, Cruise ships, medical facilities, Hospitals, nursing homes, Shopping centers, Public events, Sports events, Concert halls, Public buildings, Administrative buildings.

In all kinds of interactions where people come together.

POXIDATION ® - Package

Disinfects packages or pieces of luggage and frees them from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Steps to contain germs, viruses and spores:

1. Entry
Place the package or bag on the automatic conveyor belt.

2. Disinfection process
The package or baggage goes through the disinfection mist and irradiation section. At the exit, the package or luggage is disinfected and ready to be passed on.

POXIDATION ® - Box Solution

Decontaminates metal and other small parts including paper and paper money up to a size of 300 x 100 mm from germs and viruses.

Steps to contain germs, viruses and spores:

Place the pieces in the basket one at a time. The automatic conveyor runs through the disinfection mist and the irradiation section. At the exit, the pieces are disinfected and can be removed from the basket.

The entire process only takes a few seconds.

POXIDATION ® - Situation

Reduction of viruses, germs and spores on surfaces

Rapid killing of all pathogenic germs and viruses (e.g. novel coronavirus)

Minimal impact on passenger traffic and your goods

No harmful side effects on the skin and surfaces of materials (luggage, equipment, etc.)

POXIDATION ® - Objective

Reducing the number of infections by reducing the number of people infected and the rate at which germs, viruses and spores spread


The POXIDATION ® System was developed in order to disinfect a large number of people quickly, cheaply and safely in the event of an epidemic or pandemic. The trigger for the development was the danger posed by SARS.

The peracetic acid virocid used has been known for a long time. Peracetic acid was produced and stored in large quantities during the Cold War so that it could be used as a disinfectant in the event of the use of biological weapons. Their effectiveness on various germs, bacteria, viruses and spores has been extensively researched. The effects on the skin and eyes of humans and animals and the effects of inhaling peracetic acid aerosols have also been extensively investigated.

With POXIDATION ®, the rate of effectiveness is multiplied by the short-term use of UV rays. This leads to a high kill rate in a short time. The same principle is also effective in disinfecting objects


The C-P system combines chemical disinfection (C) and physical disinfection (P)

The effectiveness of chemical disinfection with peracetic acid within the used and recommended concentrations has been examined several times and is scientifically documented. Stabilized peracetic acid is used in numerous areas around the world. Due to its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties, it is also used effectively as a disinfectant.

The bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties of ultraviolet rays at a wavelength of 254 nm and in various radiation intensities are undisputed. This is why UV light is used to disinfect contaminated surfaces.

By arranging both disinfection methods in one disinfection unit, a demonstrable synergy effect was achieved. This synergy effect was expected because the ultraviolet radiation used splits the hydrogen peroxide molecule H2O2 into HO. The hydroxyl radical is the second known potential oxidizing agent. Many oxidation processes, including those of biological substances, are ultimately based on the oxidation potential of hydroxyl radicals.

Preliminary virological studies with ECBO virus, strain LCR 4, bovine coronavirus BVCL9, ND Newcastle disease at the Justus von Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, have impressively confirmed this synergistic effect.

Further detailed investigations with experimentally contaminated surfaces with different structures and materials with different chemical compositions are currently being carried out.

Research and Development in Germany
Patented technology. Made in Germany

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