Non-alcoholic & gentle hand sanitation  

Worldwide first dermatological,   Alcohol-free  and  Chlorine-free   hand sanitation, gentle on the skin.

SAFE•2•TOUCH is non-alcoholic, thoroughly tested and well-documented hand sanitizer. We ensure good hygiene that is gentle on the skin and without the use of harmful substances.

Ground-breaking product with many benefits. Many viruses and bacteria are transmitted by hand-to-hand contact as well as by contact with surfaces. Good hygiene is therefore essential to ensure that the chain of infection is broken.

We have developed a product that effectively kills bacteria and enveloped viruses, such as Coronavirus on hands, and that contains no perfume or alcohol. The product has been dermatologically tested for 24 hours and proven to be gentle on the skin

Disinfection without the use of alcohol
Our hand sanitizer contains no alcohol. Tests carried out according to European standards have demonstrated great effect against bacteria and enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.

Easy to store and transport
Alcohol-based products are flammable and must therefore be stored and transported with great consideration. Safe2Touch does not have this problem as it is water-based. Therefore, it is much easier to transport and store safely and securely than the alcohol-based alternatives on the market.

Safe2Touch hand sanitizer contains water (as a carrying agent), active ingredient (Bactericidal) and glycerine (to soften the skin). Safe2Touch does not smell of alcohol as it is not alcohol-based but rather a water-based biocidal product which is naturally odourless.

Dermatologically tested, the good choice for your skin
Safe2Touch passes 24-hour dermatological tests. It is gentle on the skin and can be used unlimited for daily hand hygiene – without any skin discomfort whatsoever. Does not sting or dry out the skin but leaves it naturally moisturized.

Unscented and neutral
In consideration of the skin, Safe2Touch is fragrance free. That way there is no risk of an allergic reaction to the fragrance and the product can hence be used by most people.

Thoroughly tested and certified

Documented effect according to European standard of certified independent laboratories:
EN 1500 - Bactericidal - Hygienic hand disinfection in 30 seconds
EN 13727 - Bactericidal
EN 14476 - Kills enveloped viruses
Gentle on the skin - Dermatologically tested

The product is manufactured in a factory with double ISO certification: ISO 9001 – Quality Management and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management.

EN 13727 Bactericidal effect: Report 922782

EN 1500 Hand disinfection: Report 278125/20/CGDA
Dermatologically tested: Report 168885/20/CGDA

EN 14476 Virucidal effect: Report L20/0715MV1

Stability test: Reports 392-2017-00412701-05 + 392-2019-00391901_DK

SAFE•2•TOUCH ® Surface disinfection

SAFE•2•TOUCH ® surface disinfection KTB is suitable for the disinfection of clean hard surfaces and can be used on surfaces, inventory and devices in kindergartens, schools, institutions, offices, training centers, shops, means of transport etc., for example for playground equipment, table tops, chairs, doors, handles, Stair railings, keyboards, office furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchen tables, vending machines, equipment in training centers and interiors of cars, trains, taxis, buses and planes. SAFE•2•TOUCH ® surface disinfection is based on the biocide DDAC, which affects a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.


SAFE•2•TOUCH ® surface disinfection KTB is ready for use and can be applied with a mop or cloth. The surface must be wet for 1 minute and then dry. Do not rinse with water.

Highlights & Features

• Reduces 99.99% of bacteria and viruses such as CoronaVirus
• For use on all hard surfaces
• Without alcohol
• Non-flammable
• Gentle on the skin - does not smell or sting

Technical specifications

Appearance: clear, colorless liquid
Application: cloth or mop
Dilution: None - Ready to use
Cleaning: water and soap
Odor: Little odor
Contact time: 1 minute wet + see test report for optimal effect
Shelf life: 3 years
Storage: dry, frost-free and out of the reach of children
Registration number: N-93107
Documented effect according to European standard

See the test reports for the optimal effect on bacteria and viruses

EN 1276 - Kills bacteria
EN 14476 - Kills enveloped viruses (coronaviruses)
EN 13697 - fungicide
Gentle on the skin - dermatologically tested

Documentation and certifications are available and will be attached to further detailed presentations. All certifications are also publicly available from the responsible institutes.

Product range

SAFE•2•TOUCH ® Hand Sanitizer

Bottle with foam pump | 50 mL | 50 pcs/box | 2950 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

Bottle with foam pump | 200 mL | 36 pcs/box | 1260 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

Bottle with dispenser | 500 mL | 12 pcs/box | 960 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

Container | 5 L | 96 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

SAFE•2•TOUCH ® Surface disinfection

Container | 1 L | 6 pcs/box | 360 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

Container | 5 L | 96 pcs/pallet | C-No. 38089410

C-No. > Custom Number - important for international delivery

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